Dr Magda Verster

Terms and Conditions

Dr Magda Verster Pediatrics Terms and Conditions agreed to by Patients/Patents/Guardians

  • This Practice charges an upfront consultant fee which is payable in full by the Accountholder.
  • This Practice is authorised to submit accounts to the medical scheme of the Accountholder on their behalf or on the behalf of their dependant member. The Accountholder remains liable for payment should their medical scheme refuse to pay for any part of the account or the entire account.
  • The terms and tariffs applicable to medical scheme patients vary from scheme to scheme, and even from option to option (plan to plan). As the Accountholder, you acknowledge that the fees charged by the practice may be different from the benefits to be paid by the medical scheme, and you accept responsibility for any co- payment required.
  • As the Accountholder, it is your responsibility to obtain preauthorisation from your medical scheme for any appointment at this Practice or for any treatment or procedures which will be performed by the doctor of this Practice. You understand that preauthorisation is never a guarantee of payment and that should your Medical Scheme not cover any pre-authorised appointment, treatment, or procedure, for whatever reason, you will be liable for this amount.
  • In the event that the Accountholder’s medical scheme fails to settle the Practice’s invoices (or any part of them) the Accountholder undertakes to settle the outstanding amount within 30 days.
  • As the Accountholder, you agree that if any amounts owed to the Practice are not paid in full on the due date, the Practice shall be entitled to charge interest on the outstanding amount calculated as from the due date of payment at the maximum rate which may be legally charged.
  • The fact that the Practice may submit a claim to the medical scheme, Compensation Commissioner, Road Accident Fund or an Insurer, will not in any way relieve the Accountholder of liability as aforesaid.


  • It is the responsibility of the Parent/Legal Guardian to book all appointments.
  • The Practice will always endeavour to run on-time however certain instances may require that the doctor see a Patient for a longer appointment than booked or an emergency requires the doctor to leave the Practice.
  • The Practice will endeavour to contact the Parent/Legal Guardian should there be any delays.
  • It is the responsibility of the Parent/Legal Guardian to cancel appointments 24hours prior to the appointment if the appointment is not needed anymore.
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, we will need to reschedule your appointment for another time or date.
  • No telephonic, WhatsApp or email consultations will be done. No video calls during consultations.


  • No clinical procedure or treatment is entirely risk-free, and the results of any particular treatment cannot be guaranteed. If you have any concerns or queries you should discuss these with the doctor. Your doctor will discuss the Patient’s healthcare condition with you together with any treatment and procedure (risks and benefits) required.
  • The Parent/Legal Guardian understands that their own behaviour and participation in the Patient’s healthcare will also impact the outcome of any treatment or procedure.
  • The Practice reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the Patient and/or refer the patient to another healthcare professional if required at the discretion of the doctor.
  • If the directives of the doctor are not followed, the Parent/Legal Guardian may not hold the Practice and its staff liable for any negative consequences that may arise.


  • At the Practice it is our legal duty to respect the confidentiality of all its Patients. The Practice will treat all information provided to it by Parent/Legal Guardian as confidential and, will not disclose any such information to any person without your express written consent or as otherwise required by law.
  • The Practice will comply with the requirements and regulations set out in the Protection of Personal Information Act 2021 (POPIA) and that the processing of all personal data and information will be used in order to provide the services of the Practice.
  • The Practice is required to collect healthcare information in relation to the Patient’s health for the doctor to adequately perform their clinical duties. The Parent/Legal Guardian herewith consents to the collection and processing of healthcare information relating to the Patient for this purpose.
  • The Practice is required to obtain the Parent/Legal Guardian’s personal data in order to provide clinical services, record keeping and billing purposes.
  • There are special cases where the law compels doctors to disclose personal information and by agreeing to our services, the Parent/Legal Guardian acknowledges that the practice is hereby authorized to disclose such information with regards to such cases.
  • The Practice may transfer your personal information or data to any firm, organization, or person that the Practice uses to invoice on its behalf, collect payments, recover debts and/or to provide a service on its behalf. This personal information and data will in some instances include an ICD10 code(s), procedure code(s) and billing information.
  • The Practice does not accept liability for any personal information that is disclosed as a result of any disclosure contained in Section 4.6.
  • The Parent/Legal Guardian hereby acknowledges and agrees, in line with the provisions of section 15(1) of the National Health Act, that the Practice and its staff may access the Patient’s medical records.
  • If the Parent/Legal Guardian would like any of their or the Patient’s healthcare information updated or deleted, please make such requests to the Practice in writing. Please note that healthcare information can only be deleted if in accordance with legal requirements.
  • In the unlikely event of any data breaches within the Practice, the Practice will immediately notify the Parent/Legal Guardian.
  • The Parent/Legal Guardian hereby indemnify the Practice from any loss, damages, or injury that may incur as a result of incorrect or incomplete personal data or information provided.


  • The Children’s Act, 2005 allows a child (children 12 – 18 years who understand the implications of the treatment) to provide consent to treatment without the consent of their parent or legal guardian. In the event that the Practice treats or consults with such a patient, the Parent/Legal Guardian is legally liable to cover the cost of the Patient’s healthcare, even if the Parent/Legal Guardian is not aware that the Patient has been seen by the Practice.
  • The Parent/Legal Guardian understands that prior to any operation on a child, there is a special legal dispensation and forms that must be used and completed.


  • Should the Parent/Legal Guardian or Accountholder have any feedback with regards to the Practice, kindly share this in writing via email to reception@drmagdaverster.co.za